With Ck Endeavour - you don't need to send your own expats because we are here to work with you. 

With our offices located in Central and Eastern Europe we are ideally positioned to provide and point of contact and offer services to foreign companies with interests in the region. 

If your business or organisation has operations in the region contact us to discover how we can perform tasks, provide staff and hire contractors for you so that you don't need to establish a base in the region.

Tasks we can complete for you include but are not limited to;

___ Presence by Proxy - We can be your office in the region. Your stakeholders in the region will contact us for all correspondence and will never know that you are not here 
___ Employers Agent
Owners Representative
Client Representative
Supervision of Operations on site
Completion of site visits
Inspection of Machinery
Establishment of Company or other legal framework
Recomendation of Subcontractors, outsource service providers, Lawyers or the leasing of office space and relocation of staff

Contact us to find out how we can assist your business with it's investments in the region.