Project Programming

Time is money and completing a project on time can mean the difference between a cash flow crisis, and a strong financial position. CK Endeavor has experience in conducting the required analysis at project start and detailed project monitoring to minimise slippage.

Starting with realistic time estimates, CK Projects points a project in the right direction and minimises the risk of time over-runs. Along with establishing timelines and forecasting completion dates, we manage the complex relationships between project members, stakeholders and authorities and estimate the effect on the project of foreseen  and unforseen delays.

Keeping a close eye on all project areas, we identify problems and opportunities early and work with key team members to improve the project's timeline. By standing back and watching the big picture we work to keep projects on track, on time and on budget.

We have experience working on all matters relating to Programme management on projects large and small and in some tricky situations. Our experience includes Primavera P3, P5, P6 as well as Microsoft Project. 
Among the services we can assist with are:

____ Tender Programme preparation
____ Master Programme creation and programme integration
Construction Programming and Scheduling
Programme Analysis including Critical Path Method (CPM)
Advice on Project Procurement Strategy
Design and Documentation Programming and Scheduling
Offsite Work Programming and Scheduling
Trade Package Programming and Scheduling
Advice on Time Related Contract Clauses